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How to Prep for a College Interview

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Whether you’re a brand-new freshman still learning to navigate your high school campus or a seasoned upperclassman who’s already battling senioritis, it’s never too early to start thinking about college. But you’re not done once you’ve taken your standardized tests and send off your application. Some schools ask you to come in for a college interview, and that takes a lot of prep work. If you want to make a great impression (and keep those nerves in check!) read on for some of our top tips.interview

1. Understand the purpose of the interview. They’re not to torture you, we promise! Interviews are a great way for you to learn more about the school and be positive it’s a good match for you. They also let the admissions team learn more about your background. There’s nothing to be scared of – the team is just getting to know you a little better as they review your application.

2. Practice, practice, practice. Have friends or family members mock interview you before the big day. The point isn’t to memorize your responses because they’ll sound rehearsed and fake. Rather, it’s to get you comfortable answering questions about your academic background, volunteer experiences, and education goals. Answering similar questions multiple times gives you an idea of what you want to say and will make sure you don’t forget to talk about any big accomplishments.

3. Be yourself. You’ll want be a little more formal in an interview than you would be chatting with friends, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your personality shine through. The interviewers want to get to know the real you, so don’t pretend to be someone else because you think the act will impress them.

4. Do some research on your interviewer. Is the person you’re meeting with an alum of the college, an admissions counselor, or someone else entirely? Learning a little more about him or her before you meet in person may help you feel a little relaxed during the introductions.

5. Have a set list of questions. Asking questions is one of the most important parts of the interview – it shows you’re truly interested in learning more about the school and engaged in the college decision process. Come up with a list of several just in case a few of your questions happen to be covered while your interviewer is chatting. Bonus points: If you’ve completed tip four, you can ask about the interviewer’s background and determine which questions they’ll be able to answer. An alum may be great for fielding questions about the campus experience, while admissions counselors may be better suited to knowing what characteristics successful students possess.

Over to you! Share your interview tips with us on social – we love hearing from you!

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Your Senior Year: Is Early Decision Right For Me?

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college campusYou made it! Your last year of high school is here, and while it’s tempting to let senioritis get the best of you, don’t get carried away just yet. You still have to decide whether or not you want to apply for early decision.

How do you know if it’s the right move for you?

You Know Where You Want to Go
It was love at first sight. You fell in love with a campus and you knew it was The One. You’ve been dreaming about a certain school for a while now, and you’re sure you won’t change your mind. Sound like you? Send in that application!

You’re Confident About Your Chances
If your test scores, GPA, and extracurriculars exceed the requirements for incoming freshman and the Cappex What Are My Chances? calculator say it’s likely you’ll get in, go ahead and click “submit application.”

But what if you don’t get in, even with the odds on your side? Don’t worry – applying early and being rejected means you still have plenty of time to find other schools that fit your criteria and fall in love with them.

You Just Want it to be Over With
Are you the type of person who’s never procrastinated on a single project and hate the idea of sitting around waiting to send in an application? Well. what are you waiting for? Get your recommendation letters in order, ask your counselor for a copy of your transcripts, and get that application finalized. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your free time while the rest of your friends are scrambling to finish applications later this year.

Have any other questions about whether applying early is right for you? Reach out on Facebook or Twitter with questions!

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Your Junior Year: How to Start Your College Search

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college campusJunior year is here! In case your parents, guidance counselor, and teachers haven’t already told you, it’s time to buckle down and get serious about your college search.

But that’s pretty vague advice. How do you go about starting your college search? Here’s our checklist of things to keep in mind as you’re adding schools to your list:

Start thinking about where you’d feel comfortable living for four whole years. Do you love urban areas, or do you need to be surrounded by nature? Are you close to your parents? If so, you might feel more comfortable being no more than a few hours away, just in case you want to come home on the weekend for some of Mom’s cooking.

It’s a little soon to be declaring a major, but do you have any idea of what you way to study? Even if you can’t target an exact subject, having a broad idea of what field you want to get into or whether you want to be in the arts, humanities, or sciences can help you narrow down your choices. If you’re set on a certain major or subject already, check out some schools that are known for these programs. And whether you’re clueless about what you want to study or have a good idea, our Careers and Majors quiz can help you choose a subject that fits your skills and interests, and shows you which jobs line up with it.

Student Body
What do you want your college campus to look like? The options are endless, so start thinking about what type of environments you thrive in. Do you want to attend a large public university with thousands of people to meet, or would you rather know most people on campus? And even though they aren’t too common these days, consider a women’s or men’s college – they come with plenty of perks! Check out Mills College, Alverno College, or Wabash College for a unique experience and close-knit campus.

Keep these three things in mind as you start junior year – and don’t forget to check out the Cappex Fit Meter to see which of the schools on your list is a match for you!

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