Bridging the Gap between Scholarships, Grants, and Part Time Jobs

Didn’t college fly by fast?

Graduating college is not just the culmination of credits that led to your degree; it’s your next big step forward as an independent person. You learned how to live on your own in college, and now you need to continue doing that while furthering your career—whether that means finding your dream job or heading back to graduate school. With all the excitement and hype of truly being on your own now, it’s still important that you grab hold of the reins of your newfound independence and make sure that you’re prepared for your first few years out of college. Besides being mentally prepared to take on the world, are you financially prepared?

Being financially prepared for life after college will free up your mind so that you can worry about other important things—like applying to jobs. It can, however, be challenging to ever reach that Zen state when you have a heap of student loans to pay off, and/or you want to go back to graduate school but don’t have the funds. First off, know that you’re not alone. Most normal, hard-working human beings cannot simply just afford to write a big fat check for grad school tuition or their student loans. Just like college students, students going back to grad school apply for scholarships and grants—money that does not have to be repaid—and federal student loans—low-interest loans with flexible repayment terms and favorable interest rates. On top of these, many grad school students take on part-time jobs to earn an income while making their way through school.

But for some students—and by ‘some’ we mean ‘a lot’—there’s still a gap between all those efforts mentioned above and what they actually need. Sometimes all of your scholarships, grants, federal student loans and part-time job money only go so far, and there’s still so much more you’re required to pay. When this is the case, private student loans can supplement your other efforts and be that extra piece that completes the puzzle.

Private student loans are offered by banks and other financial institutions, from national lenders to local banks and credit unions, so you will have many options when searching for funding for graduate school to find the best loan plans for your specific circumstances. You can search for a private student loan that fits your needs on a site like [Simple Tuition]. Tell them exactly how much you need to borrow, which school you’ll be attending, and they’ll show you an array of an options to help fill that gap.

A site like SimpleTuition can also help recent graduates with consolidating student loans. This means that you can simplify your life with one monthly payment from one lender, and therefore one point of contact if you have questions or concerns. Of course, before you jump into a big decision, do your own research and make sure it’s the right plan of attack for you and your future.

Doesn’t talking about all these financial terms make you feel more independent already? When you’ve taken control of your post-college career and your personal finances, you’re definitely ready to take on all the other challenges your college degree prepared you for.

Best of luck in your bright future!

The Cappex Team