Beyond the Classroom: Common Extracurriculars on Campus

There’s more to finding the right college than simply choosing the best academic program. In fact, some of the most exciting and defining parts of your college experience will probably take place outside the classroom. To that end, most colleges have an extensive offering of extracurricular activities and student organizations that will give you plenty of opportunities to pursue your personal interests be they social, athletic, academic or philanthropic.

Here are some activities you can expect to find on most campuses:

  • Club and Intramural Sports: You don’t have to be a varsity athlete to pursue your favorite sport or try a new one at college. Recreational sports like intramural leagues and competitive club teams, which often receive funding from the college, give you an outlet to stay fit, have fun and meet new people.
  • Theatre and Music Groups: There are usually plenty of opportunities for the general student body to participate in collegiate theatre and dance productions, vocal and instrumental ensembles, and even groups like marching and pep bands.
  • Campus Media Outlets: Campus newspapers and radio and television stations generally welcome involvement from all students, not just journalism and communication majors.
  • Greek Life: Fraternities and sororities are great for making friends and having fun, but you can also build your resume with the community service and leadership these groups encourage.
  • Academic and Career Clubs: Join one of these groups to learn more about a major or career, or to simply get to know the other students and faculty in your area of study. If your still trying to choose a major, these groups may offer programming, information or activities for different areas, academic departments or professional organizations. They may also help you with opportunities for internships and scholarships.
  • Philanthropic and Service Organizations: If you have a passion for a certain cause or volunteerism in general, there’s probably a student group that shares your concern.
  • Cultural Clubs: These groups help you connect with students with backgrounds similar to your own or learn more about a culture that fascinates you.
  • Religious Groups: These organizations are an opportunity to meet other students who share your personal beliefs and faith. They also give you opportunities to meet and learn about new faiths.
  • Other Special Interest Groups: From casual gatherings of video gamers to competitive euchre leagues, college campuses are rife with groups formed by students who share common interests. If a college doesn’t have a group or club for your passion, the college may let you start it yourself.

No matter what extracurricular activities you choose, just be sure to get involved on campus. Whether you’re pursuing an old interest or exploring a new one, you’ll likely find spending time with other students outside of class will only enhance your college experience.