Who should write your letters of recommendation?

During the college application process, you may find that some of your prospective schools ask you to send them letters of recommendation along with other items, such as SAT test scores, admissions essays and an application form. While a college will not accept or deny you based solely on letters of recommendation, this is an important part of the process and can give college admissions officers a better sense of who you are.

Still, students may wonder who they should ask to write their letters of recommendation. Some colleges will ask you to submit a letter from a teacher specifically. If this is the case, most professionals recommend that you ask teachers from your junior year. However, it is ultimately important that you pick an educator who knows you well and can show a college admissions officer what your strengths are and what you're capable of.

Additionally, some college faculty enjoy reading letters of recommendation from teachers who have had the chance to get to know students outside the classroom. For example, it may be beneficial to ask your sports coach or theater director for a letter of recommendation, as long as they can showcase your academic skills as well. 

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