When it comes to college applications, the earlier the better

The senior year of high school can be a stressful time. With so many distractions and changes, it can be difficult to balance so many responsibilities at once. However, when it comes to filling out college applications, sooner is always better than later.

Although the academic year has just begun, high school seniors should start thinking about using a college search engine to come up with a list of potential colleges, and think about filling out their college applications as soon as possible. Parents can and should take an active role in motivating and helping their kids during the college application process.

"If you're not on the ball, you're already behind it," David Godfrey, a Virginia parent, told the Winston-Salem Journal. "[Parents have] got to get involved, I would say, at the end of their sophomore year."

Many college admissions officials treat early applications differently than those received later. Some schools operate "first notification" and "priority" policies for college applications received early. Many high schools also organize events to assist seniors with their paperwork, and to offer advice.

Judy Henman, a guidance counsellor at Central High School in Muncie, Indiana, told the Star Press that seniors should submit their college applications by the end of November at the latest to give themselves the best possible chances of being accepted.

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