What happens if you’re put on a college waiting list?

After you've used a college search engine to find the college for you, filled out your college application paperwork and submitted your essay, waiting for a decision can be agonizing. What happens when you hear back from your dream school, only to find that you've been placed on a waiting list?

There are several reasons you may be placed on a waiting list. Some schools may be unsure about your college application, and may want to see additional grades from you throughout the spring semester of your senior year. A prospective university may be concerned about your commitment to studying there, and have placed you on a waiting list to determine how keen you are to be accepted. In other instances, students may be the caliber of candidate a school is looking for, but there are simply limited numbers of spaces available.

The first thing you should do is decide whether the college is really right for you. Being placed on a waiting list means that although your college application has been provisionally accepted, deciding to wait for an open place could delay the start of your studies. Only respond positively if you are absolutely sure that you want to attend the school.

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