What About Trade School?

You may be thinking about Trade school for your higher education after high school and wondering, “Is this the right choice for me?” Trade schools, also known as Vocational schools, offer students the unique opportunity to obtain a more specialized education without the supplemental classes necessary to fulfill normal college requirements. In Trade school you will learn to master your craft without all the Math, History, and Science classes you may not be interested in taking.

While some people believe that Trade school does not offer students the well-rounded education found in the standard college curriculum, if you are passionate about your craft, it is a great way to receive a comprehensive, focused education that will help prepare you for a highly-skilled profession.

Here are a few of the great aspects of Trade schools that make them a desirable option for post-secondary education:

  • Trade school degrees can generally be completed in 1-2 years as opposed to the 4-5 years of study needed for most college degrees. If you don’t particularly enjoy studying and taking classes, the shorter timeframe of Trade school may suit you better than a traditional college.
  • Because of this shorter period of study, your classes will be highly competitive. Educators expect a lot from their students as they try to cram a complete education into 2-4 semesters, so you will always be busy and working hard. Many students find that the increased competition serves as a strong motivation to stand out. You may see that you also excel better under pressure, allowing you to get ahead in your program and distinguish yourself among your classmates.
  • Whereas colleges put an emphasis on academic education, Trade schools place a greater stress on practical education. In Trade school, you will learn the specialized skills needed for your trade and only take classes applicable to this course of study. You will receive instruction and training specific to your desired occupation, be it as a medical assistant, chef, auto technician, flight attendant, fashion buyer, or any other vocation you choose to study. There are hundreds of degrees to choose from, and you’re sure to find a program that matches your interests!
  • As you go further working in your trade, you may decide that you want to take more classes and gain more skills. Trade schools are accommodating to students of all ages, often offering night or weekend classes that will fit better with your schedule. You can choose to take a single class at a time and further your education while still being able to work.
  • Trade schools offer help finding a job after graduation, which is a great resource when entering the job market for the first time.

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