Vice president focusing on community colleges in New Hampshire

Vice President Joe Biden highlighted the importance of community colleges during a recent visit to New Hampshire, reports the Union Leader.

Biden praised a planned partnership between a manufacturing facility and Great Bay Community College (GBCC) during the visit, saying that two-year schools are instrumental in training students to fill skilled job vacancies. Academic leaders at the community college were enthusiastic that training and education were so important to President Obama and his administration.

"It is tremendously exciting every time you have that national level attention put on you and it has been put on us, I think, because there is tremendous potential here for building a model that can serve as an example for other community colleges, or four-year institutions to follow," Will Arvelo, president of GBCC, told the news source.

According to WMUR News, Biden spoke to students at Plymouth State University in October of last year, emphasizing the importance of education to the U.S. economy. Biden has visited New Hampshire more times than any other member of President Obama's administration.

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