Top 8 Tools for Writing College Admission and Scholarship Essays

college essayWhen you start applying for colleges and scholarships, you will realize that essay writing skills are more important than you ever thought. Before admitting you, an admissions board will look at your application. So, you have to distinguish yourself as a candidate that has something more than a decent GPA. Without any exaggeration, the essay is a gate to your future.

If you want to make writing less stressful and more successful, you’ll need to rely on the right tools at the right time. Take a look at this selection of eight resources that will help you write better admission and scholarship papers.

1. JCU – Writing and Math Skills Online
James Cook University’s website provides detailed guides for the essay writing process. You can use these resources to learn how to write academic content and avoid plagiarism.

2. Vanderbilt University – The College Essay
Many universities share effective writing tips online. Vanderbilt University offers several articles that will help you understand what the admissions officers expect to see in students’ application papers.

This is a unique online community for writers to share their work and receive tips and critiques from other writers. You can read their work to get inspired, or share your essays to get feedback that will help you improve your style and technique.

4. Ninja Essays – Citation Generator
This citation generator will help you compile the perfect bibliography. You can rely on this software to help you complete your application and scholarship papers.

5. ThinkTankLearning – Enlighten Blog
This blog provides you with valuable tips and guides to prepare you for the college admissions process. For example, you can learn how to write an application paper when you don’t know your major, how to put your personality on paper, and how to find the perfect college fit.

6. Teen Ink – College Essays
This website publishes students’ papers on daily basis. If you read some of the featured content, you’ll learn how to distinguish good writing from mediocre style. You may even find inspiration for your own admissions and scholarship essays, but make sure not to copy the content – you need to come up with your own ideas.

7. Harvard College Writing Center
Harvard College Writing Center provides useful writing resources that will guide you through the essay writing process. You can read detailed tips on such topics as how to read an assignment, how to develop the essay structure, and how to write a strong thesis.

8. Cornell College – Tips for Writing Essays for Scholarship and Fellowship Application
This guide, provided by Cornell College, will tell you what students are expected to present in their application essays. The straightforward tips are focused on content/organization and grammar/style.

Don’t let the application papers discourage you – they’re only a stage of the admissions process that every student go through. But with these resources, you’ll be able to tackle the challenge successfully.

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