Things to consider when applying to college

So, you've made it through your senior year, used a college search engine to narrow down a list of schools you want to attend, and now it's time to start filling out college applications. Although your primary focus should be on finding the right program at the right school, there are other things to think about when completing a college application.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, applying to college can put a strain on even the closest of friendships. Your peers may have chosen different schools, and the prospect of no longer living near each other can make things difficult.

Although parents and college admissions advisers should be both encouraging and supportive, seniors should choose several safety schools to prepare for possible rejections by their ideal universities. You should also remember that your dream school may change over time, so don't be discouraged if you change your mind.

Although adults, like your parents, teachers and college admissions adviser, can offer you some great advice, you should also speak to the student government representative at the schools you've applied to in order to get a better idea of what campus life is like for young people. College life has changed since your parents or adviser went to school, so it can be useful to get a fresh perspective from someone closer to your own age as well.

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