The benefits of attending a school closer to home

When trying to find the right college for you, it may be tempting to only explore options that are far away from home. After all, college is probably your first chance to spread your wings and figure out who you are. While there is nothing wrong with packing your bags and heading off to a school across the country, you should not feel bad about going to a school close to home. In fact, there are many benefits that come along with picking a college in your home state.

For instance, homesickness may be the last thing you are thinking about right now, but, although it seems like it will never happen to you, a lot of college freshmen end up missing home. As excited as you may be to live on your own, being away from your family for the first time can be hard. After all, you have probably lived at home for your entire life. Therefore, it never hurts to be only a short ride away from your family. Even if you don't go home very often, just knowing that your loved ones are right around the corner when you need them can provide an extra layer of comfort.

Along these lines, if you choose to go to college close to home, chances are you will know plenty of other people from high school who are either going to your university or are attending school in the surrounding area. When you are settling into a new environment, this can sometimes be nice. While you should be sure to take the time to get to know many new people at your college, it never hurts to have a familiar face around to help you get used to your new setting.

Another benefit of going to school close to home is familiarity with the area. If your college is in your home state, you won't need to worry about getting accustomed to the surrounding area. It may seem like a small issue, but for students who are moving out of state, doing little things like learning where the nearest supermarket is or figuring out which bank to go to can lead to additional stress. Students who go to school close to home don't need to worry about this. 


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