Students need to manage online identities when applying to school

In today's digital age, image is everything. Everyone from potential employers to college admissions officials are searching social media platforms such as Facebook to get a better idea of who applicants really are in their personal lives. According to an article published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, students should take care about what they post online.

Many schools are also becoming more active in promoting responsible internet usage among students. Emilee Rader, a professor at Michigan State University, teaches a class titled Your Digital Footprint: Privacy and the Online Information Explosion.

"The goal of the course is not to turn people into computer scientists, but rather, it's to expose them to some of the inner workings of the internet so they understand that anything they do online can be recorded by anyone at any time," Rader told the news source.

According to a recent survey by Kaplan University, 80 percent of colleges are using social media platforms to attract students, as well as screen potential candidates' college applications. However, 62 percent of college admissions officials say that although screening applicants' Facebook profiles helped them, they said that many profiles did not hurt candidates' chances of acceptance.

If you're an active Facebook user, think carefully before posting comments. You never know if college admissions officials might read them when you're applying to schools.

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