Students can find tech-friendly schools during a college search

Today, many colleges and universities across the country are finding unique and innovative ways to integrate technology into their classrooms, bookstores and laboratories. For the students who believe in the value of modern electronics, how tech-friendly a school is may be something worth considering during a college search.

According to a recent survey by CourseSmart, a digital coursework provider, a majority of college students are open to seeing the latest technological trends integrated into their schools. For example, about 65 percent of degree seekers said they would be open to using e-books in school, as opposed to standard, tangible textbooks. Many students may have financial reasons for their support of e-books, as about 63 percent of college students said they think they are less expensive than traditional books.

Still, a majority of students said they want their college professors to integrate technology into the classrooms. The survey shows that about 79 percent of degree seekers would like their teachers to answer their questions through Twitter and other social networking websites.


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