STEM degrees could cost more in Florida under new proposals

Proposed education reform in Florida could mean an increase in the cost of tuition for students filling out college applications for science-based majors, reports The Florida Times-Union.

Governor Rick Scott recently said that colleges across Florida should be enrolling and graduating more students from science, technology, engineering and math – or STEM – degree programs. However, Bernie Machen, president of the University of Florida, said that in order for schools to offer more STEM degrees, tuition costs would likely go up.

"You can’t have it both ways," Machen said, as quoted by the newspaper. "If STEM degrees are the most expensive we provide, it costs more for facility, labs and resources."

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Governor Scott's proposals opposed a general increase in tuition for all majors at Florida colleges. However, schools could still increase tuition for certain majors by as much as 15 percent under the suggested legislation.

If you're thinking about filling out a college application for a STEM major, do a college search to figure out which schools offer the best value in terms of tuition. Ask your admissions adviser if the schools you're interested in are thinking of raising tuition, or contact the university directly before you commit to any decisions.

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