Stanford University plans to revise undergraduate programs

Officials from Stanford University in California recently announced plans to change the content of its undergraduate degree programs, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The prestigious university will soon revise the curricula of its programs to focus on teaching students seven key skills, including reasoning, creative expression and scientific analysis. More emphasis will be placed on social sciences issues, including morals and ethics.

Freshmen enrolled in degree programs at the school will also be expected to take classes that include discussion groups and small seminars in an attempt to improve students' reasoning and communication skills.

For ambitious high school seniors, Stanford is one of the most popular schools in the country. According to The Stanford Daily, the student newspaper of the university, admissions officials have received more than 37,000 college applications for the school's Class of 2016, 7 percent more than the previous record-breaking volume of 34,348 applications received last year.

If you're thinking of filling out a college application for a university like Stanford, don't be discouraged by the high number of seniors applying. However, you should be realistic and pick one or more safety schools as well.


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