South Carolina students could see college application fees waived

You've used a college search engine to find the right college for you and you've come up with a list of potential schools. For some seniors, this list could be quite long. Filling out college applications for each school is not only time-consuming and potentially confusing, but it can also be quite expensive, as college application fees add up.

As part of College Application Month, Spartanburg County High School in South Carolina is hosting an event to make the college application process not only simpler, but cheaper as well. Any seniors who apply to colleges during the event will have their application fees waived. With some colleges charging between $25 and $100 just to apply, these savings could be a welcome announcement.

"[This] is exciting news for students," Cherie Pressley, director of the Upstate Regional Education Center, told the Spartanburg Herald-Journal. "We know that $25 can be a barrier for some students."

In addition to waiving the application fee for college applications, the event will also help students fill out the paperwork, and how to select schools according to priority. The Palo Alto Daily News advises seniors that although most college applications are made through the rolling admissions process, opting to select schools as early choice or early action selection may help college admissions officers assess their application more favorably.

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