Some transfer students could get instant college admission decisions

After actually filling out a college application, waiting to hear back from prospective universities can be one of the hardest parts of the entire process. With so much work and attention to detail going into a college application, waiting for a decision can be a challenging time, especially when significant planning, such as moving away from home, are involved.

However, some schools provide special programs designed to reduce the anxiety of waiting for a decision, offering students on-the-day reviews and same-day decisions. One such school is Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, according to the university's student newspaper, the Temple News Online. Transfer students took part in the event, which offered immediate acceptance decisions and a review of unsuccessful applicant's applications to help them in the future.

Such events can be useful not only in receiving instant feedback on college applications, but also for identifying which areas your application need work in order to be considered by a university. Some schools may offer such events to fill last-minute places or to reduce the backlog of college applications they have received.

Even though events such as this can reduce the anxiety of waiting to hear back from a college admissions department, the same care and attention to detail should be applied to your application.

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