Some colleges hope to make education more accessible

The college application process can be confusing. Many students are overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to provide to a college admissions board. If you are thinking about applying to college, you might find that the process could soon be simpler than you think.

According to KTAR News, some colleges across the country are making SAT scores optional as part of revisions to their college admissions procedure. The reasons behind this decision include racial equality, as some academic officials claim that the combined test scores in reading and math were lower for Hispanics and African Americans than they were for Caucasians.

Still, officials from some colleges, such as DePaul University in Illinois, believe that there is little connection between SAT scores and student performance.

"The best and fairest criteria for predicting how a student will do in college is the high school GPA, their high school record in college prep courses over four years," Carla Cortes, a college admissions project leader at DePaul, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

If you are applying to a college that does not require SAT results, you might find that there will be other questions on the college application form instead. These questions may be in the form of essays, and, even though they are not mandatory, you may want to discuss whether SAT scores can be submitted with your student advisor. 

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