Should you live on-campus, or not?

So, you used a college search engine, filled out a college application and been accepted onto a degree program – congratulations! If you're attending school in your state or close to home, one decision you'll have to consider before long is whether to live on-campus or commute to college.

Living on-campus has a range of advantages. Firstly, it immerses you in college life. You may feel a stronger sense of community when you live in a dorm. It's also more convenient to get to class in the morning, and means you can stay late working on your coursework in the library or the labs. It also means that the cost of attending college will increase, as you'll have to pay for room and board.

Commuting to college is the other option. Although you can save quite a lot of money on room and board by living at home and traveling in every day, it will increase the costs of travel. Whether you have a car or take public transportation, commuting will cost you. It also means it will take longer to get to and from classes.

Crunch the numbers. Figure out how far away your campus is and how long it would take you to commute. Evaluate the costs of transportation against how much you'll have to pay in room and board. Decide if the extra time is worth the savings. 

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