Should you attend a liberal arts college?

During your senior year, there can be a lot of pressure on you. Trying to find the college for you, choosing a major, deciding whether to study locally or away from home and picking a two- or four-year degree program can be overwhelming. One question that many seniors have is whether or not to attend a liberal arts college – but what are they? Is this type of institution right for you, and what are the benefits of attending a liberal arts college?

Liberal arts schools tend to be smaller than most schools. This can be beneficial to students, as class sizes tend to be significantly smaller, providing a more personalized, one-on-one educational experience. This type of school is also primarily focused on undergraduate-level programs, meaning that faculty are typically concentrate on teaching, as opposed to research or graduate study.

Many liberal arts schools are residential, meaning that students live on campus for the duration of the program. Although some schools may waive this requirement, living on campus is a vital part of the liberal arts college experience for many schools. Not only could this be an important and exciting experience for many seniors, it can also create a stronger sense of community among students.

One of the best reasons to attend a liberal arts college is the fact that for your first two years of study, you will be exposed to a range of subjects and topics that could offer you a well-rounded and diverse education before you even have to pick a major. This can be a great way of exploring what interests you, what you're good at, and to take classes you may not ordinarily get the chance to.

If you plan on attending grad school, liberal arts colleges are frequently praised for preparing students for this educational path. According to CBS News, liberal arts colleges produce more students who earn doctorate qualifications per capita than any other type of educational institution. Twice as many students who attend this type of school go on to earn their PhD than any other kind of university.

Another major benefit of attending a liberal arts school is that employers, particularly those in demanding professions, value liberal arts education because students are often taught important skills like analytical and critical thinking. Communication and teamwork skills are often emphasized in liberal arts colleges, which can be a major asset in today's challenging job market.

Are you considering attending a liberal arts college? If so, what about the school or program appeals to you?


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