Schools can help you fill out your college application

Completing a college application can be confusing. It can be time consuming to complete one set of college admission paperwork, and many education experts recommend that seniors complete several college applications to maximize their chances of acceptance. However, many high schools will work with you to make the college admissions process a little less intimidating.

Lake City High School in South Carolina is one school that aims to help students complete their college applications, according to the Lake City News and Post. Officials from the school will help seniors complete at least one college application during a special event which will be held on October 26 as part of a statewide initiative to encourage all high school seniors to apply to college.

According to a GoLocalProvidence article by Cristiana Quinn, a college admissions expert, seniors should start filling out their college admissions paperwork as soon as possible. Students should be careful to use proper grammar in their college application, and to emphasize academic achievements and awards.

Quinn also recommends that seniors pay special attention to personalizing their college admission essays with details specific to the school they want to attend to add a personal touch to their college applications. 

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