School parking policies should be considered during college searches

When students are conducting a college search, there are some obvious factors they will need to consider in order to pick the right school. For example, they should ensure that the college or university offers their chosen major, is affordable and is in an ideal location. However, there are other perhaps less obvious things degree seekers may want to research before picking a school.

One factor students may forget to research, for instance, is whether or not their potential schools will allow them to park on campus. As colleges across the country see an increase in enrollments, many have been forced by a lack of space to cut freshmen parking privileges.

This may seem like a minute factor in the college search, but the ability to park on campus can be very important to some students. Without a car, degree seekers may find it difficult to hold a job that is located too far off campus, or they may feel they do not have the option of participating in other off-campus activities.

Although some students may not mind not having a car on campus, degree seekers should consider whether or not this is going to pose a problem for them if they select a college that does not allow them to park on school grounds.  

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