Remedial community college classes affect successful graduation, say studies

According to two studies by the Community College Research Center at Columbia University cited by The Washington Post, many students could achieve the same academic results at community colleges by skipping prerequisite remedial classes.

These courses at community colleges cause some students to become bored and frustrated, which experts say can lead to individuals dropping out. The news source reports that three in five students attending community colleges are required to take some remedial classes, and that 75 percent of these individuals never graduate.

"We hear a lot about the high rates of failure in college-level classes at community colleges," Judith Scott-Clayton, author of one of the studies, said in a statement. "Those are very visible. What’s harder to see are the students who could have done well at college level but never got the chance because of these placement tests."

Community colleges can be great places to learn new practical skills and explore different majors. If you're thinking of filling out a college application for a two-year school, don't forget to think about how remedial classes could affect how long it will take you to graduate.

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