Proposed bill would make cheating on SATs a crime

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A new law proposed in New York would make cheating on college admissions exams a crime

After students were caught cheating on their SAT college admission exams in New York, legislators have proposed that this should be a felony crime, reports The Washington Post.

The suggested laws were proposed by Senator Kenneth LaValle earlier this week. Students caught paying other students to take their tests for them would be prosecuted as felons, while forging tests would be a misdemeanor. Other measures suggested by Senator LaValle include more rigorous photo identification of students taking the SAT to avoid instances of cheating.

"I would say to you that we’re in a new era," said LaValle, as quoted by the news source. "There are new rules, and if we need to use legislation to spell that out more clearly, we’ll do that."

According to Fox News, the students who were caught cheating paid other people to take their tests for them. Students were paid between $500 and $3,600 to take the SAT or ACT exams for others. The news source reports that officials suspect that as many as 40 students were involved, but that they cannot prove it for some of them.

Cheating on any exam, especially a college admissions test, is never a good idea. Doing so can seriously harm your academic future. Studying hard and achieving good grades honestly is always the better option. 

Original Post Date: January 25th, 2012

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