President Obama’s college tuition policies questioned by academic leaders

During his State of the Union address earlier this month, President Barack Obama made the rising cost of college a priority for his administration. According to The Washington Post, many academic leaders support the proposals.

President Obama intends to link the amount of federal funding colleges receive to measures they take to keep the cost of earning a degree down for students. Schools that do not increase tuition will receive more money. Many college officials support the plans.

"Tying the method of funding to the outcomes we’re looking for is a positive development," William Powers, president of the University of Texas at Austin, told the news source.

According to USA Today, President Obama met with several college leaders in the weeks leading up to the address. The president said many schools are redesigning courses to use technology more effectively and help students graduate earlier, and that more colleges should adopt these strategies.

When you're filling out college applications, be sure to talk to your admissions adviser to ask about financial aid packages such as scholarships. Although the cost of a degree is something to think about, many schools offer grants and scholarships that can offset the cost of things like tuition.

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