Novels can help build vocabulary for SAT test takers

Although it's important to study for the SAT, some students find it difficult to find the motivation to dive into a stuffy study guide or vocabulary test. However, reading novels can be a great way for students filling out college applications to build their vocabulary and enjoy a gripping story as they do so.

Every so often, a book is published that captures the imagination of the public in a way that few stories do. For several years, the tale of boy wizard Harry Potter filled this role. Now, The Hunger Games, the story of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark's struggle to survive in a bleak, post-apocalyptic future, has become incredibly popular. As well as offering readers a thrilling storyline and memorable characters, The Hunger Games could help students filling out college applications expand their range of words before they take the SAT college admissions exam.

Language website has even launched a vocabulary word game based on the popular trilogy of novels, which can help students learn the meaning of words featured in both the books and the SAT exam.

However, even if dystopian struggles for survival aren't your thing, there are plenty of other books to give your brain, and vocabulary, a workout. SparkNotes has published a range of fiction novels designed not only to help you prepare for the vocabulary section of the SAT, but also enjoy some great stories.

The series deals with a variety of topics, all while teaching readers new words and helping them memorize them in preparation for the SAT. One of the titles, Busted, tells the tale of Kim Stratford, an undercover cop who infiltrates a high school in the hopes of busting an illicit drug ring. Head Over Heels focuses on the life of high school socialite Francesca Castarelli, a senior who falls in love with her SAT tutor. One of the more innovative titles, Rave New World, centers on the dark future of the year 2157 and the story of a law enforcement official who falls in love with rebellious raver Ally Fayre.

Reading can be one of the best ways to build your vocabulary, as well as learn how words are used and the basic rules of grammar. Some students might find that reading stories such as The Hunger Games could be one approach to studying that may be a little more interesting than poring over study guides.


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