New Cappex Infographic: What Parents Want from Colleges

You might be surprised by how much America’s parents are actually involved in their children’s college searches.

In a recent Cappex QuickPoll, more than 300 parents of college-bound students responded to prompts about their involvement with their students’ college searches, and 43 percent of parents said they drive the college research process, and 29 percent say that they also make the major decisions about where to go to college.

Want some more facts? Check out the newest Cappex infographic:

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  1. Cricket Garancosky says:

    I think parents should get involved, but shouldn’t dictate to their children where they are going to college and what their major will be. Students and parents should work together to find the best college for the student. I think parents who went to college will have more advice on the small things than those who didn’t, but even parents who did not attend college can help their kids pick through the pile of colleges that are out there. Just like anything else, if the parent is footing most of the bill I can see why they are such a big part of the college decision, but again, they need to realize this is a foot in the door for the rest of their child’s life…they need to get them involved and help them in the decision making process, not coddle them through the whole thing. Find a fit that is good for them (and your wallet if need be).

  2. Christi says:

    As a student, my parents have pretty much let me choose my major, my schools that I applied to, and let me deal with the deadlines. They help me by paying the application fees and all that, but when it comes down to it I really enjoy the freedom they’ve given me in that.
    That said, they do have some influence on my choices in that I can bounce schools off them, tell them that I like the school and what I like, and they’ll counter argue and we’ll come to a conclusion about the school.
    I don’t know how much my parents will be paying for my college, but my (unrealistic) goal is to shoulder as many of the fees as possible. It’s MY education. I’ll find a way to pay for it, I’ll benefit from it. Yes, I’ll definitely be begging them for food money, but I will do my best to keep them away from tuition and books.

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