More colleges to accept Common Application

The Common Application is one of the easiest ways to apply to several colleges at once. Instead of filling out numerous college application forms, college applicants can fill out a single Common App and send it to any number of the 456 member schools.

Soon, seniors will be able to apply to even more schools through the Common App, as increasing numbers of colleges in New Jersey have announced that they will accept the Common Application as part of their college admission process. Ramapo College is just one of 45 universities that have signed up to participate in the Common App program, according to The North Jersey Record.

One advantage of applying to college through the Common App is that the forms can be submitted online. In addition, your teachers and principal can add paperwork, such as letters of recommendation, through the online system, and your college admissions department can send your transcripts to prospective colleges over the internet.

Whichever way you decide to complete your college application, be sure to discuss your choices with a college admissions adviser. You should also make sure to complete your college application as soon as possible to avoid delays or complications in submitting your information.

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