Missouri education officials propose easier transfer process

Academic leaders in Missouri are proposing that colleges make it easier for students to transfer credits across courses, reports KMBC News.

A primary objective of the proposed changes is to avoid effectively penalizing students for transferring by making them repeat classes they have already taken. State Sentator David Pierce recently submitted a bill calling for the creation of a core set of 25 subjects including English, math, science and other general education classes. Therefore, students who transfer from one public school in the state to another would be able to rest assured that all of these 25 courses would be accepted at their new college. The bill also aims to reduce the cost of tuition for students by avoiding repetition of classes.

"If we can save a transfer student nine credit hours, that's $1,000 or more in tuition," Rusty Monhollon, assistant commissioner for academic affairs at the state Department of Higher Education, told the news outlet. He said the initiative was an "effort to remove to the greatest extent that we possibly can, all the obstacles and roadblocks that inhibit or prohibit students from completing their college degrees."

In addition to reducing costs and improving student retention, officials hope that the measure will contribute to state goals to increase the number of students filling out college applications. According to the Maneater, the student newspaper of Missouri University, the state's Department of Education aims to increase the number of seniors enrolling in college to 75 percent by 2020.


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