Many seniors earning college credit in high school

With more seniors filling out college applications than ever before, it's little surprise that some students are doing everything they can to give themselves an edge over the competition. According to Fox News, many seniors are earning college credit while they're still in high school to maximize their chances of being accepted into the degree programs they want.

Some students are choosing to go beyond just taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The news source reports that many students opt for dual enrollment programs, where they spend half their time studying in high school and the other half enrolled in college courses. Teachers at some schools also offer college-level courses so students can experience the difference between high school and collegiate work and earn course credit.

"[Students exploring these options can] get started on courses directly related to [their] major more quickly, which in turn allows [them] to investigate [their] real interests while still graduating on time," Erin Davis, director of College Solutions at McGraw-Hill Higher Education, told the news source.

Many school districts across the country are pushing AP classes as a way for students to improve their academic achievement. According to the Houston Chronicle, the number of AP classes taken in the Houston Independent School District alone has doubled since 2009. 


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