Leading community college redesigns math program

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A leading community college in Maryland has redesigned its remedial math program to boost completion rates

In today's challenging economy, it's more important than ever for college students to have a solid grasp of mathematics. To address problems with its struggling remedial math program, a community college in Rockville, Maryland, has changed the way that math education is delivered, reports Inside Higher Ed.

Officials at Montgomery College decided to approach math using an "emporium" style of teaching to improve completion rates at the school. Now, math classes at the community college are delivered in workshop-style computer labs, a significant shift from the traditional lecture format of math courses at the school.

These classes were redesigned because many students enrolled in traditional remedial math programs become discouraged and subsequently drop out, negatively affecting completion rates.

"The issue of remedial math is the key for the completion agenda," Louis Soares, director of the postsecondary education program at the Center for American Progress, told the news source.

Officials at other schools, such as the California State University system, have adopted similar approaches. According to Mercury News, Cal State recently introduced an Early Start program to improve the number of students successfully completing remedial math courses.

If you're enrolled in a math program at a community college, make sure you study as hard as you can. Solid math skills and high test scores in numeracy can be major college admissions factors at some universities.

Original Post Date: December 27th, 2011

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