Is starting a business after college right for you?

Although some economists remain cautious in their outlook for the economy this year, some students see 2012 as a time of opportunity. According to a recent article in the Huffington Post by Maya Uppularu, a law student at the University of Maryland, now could be the ideal time for enterprising students to launch their own ventures.

Uppularu wrote that creative problem solving could be a great way for forward-thinking graduates to tackle the problems they see in their local communities. She added that despite economic challenges, many organizations exist to help budding entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. Groups such as the Startup America Partnership can help with advice, guidance and planning for aspiring business owners, and several competitions encourage innovation and the development of ideas. Some organizations also provide scholarships for college students to help make their ideas a reality.

Many students are taking an active role in shaping their own futures and those of their communities. According to the Washington Post, many graduates are turning their talents towards the creation of their own ventures.

"The down economy has made students realize that there may not be a cushy job at the end of this rainbow," Asher Epstein, managing director of the Dingman Center at the University of Maryland, told the newspaper. "So they’re taking their destiny into their own hands."


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