Is community college right for you?

Increasing numbers of students are looking at community colleges as a way to earn a degree, explore new majors and learn new skills. Is a two-year school right for you?

According to an article in the Huffington Post, a lot of high school seniors choose to enroll in community colleges to help bridge the gap between high school and college without having to move far away or risk enrolling in a degree program they may not be interested in.

"I didn’t feel prepared to take college full-on right out of high school, so community college was a great way to ease into the experience," Kelsey Walid, a junior at The College of William and Mary who transferred from Tidewater Community College, told the news source. "It helped save a lot of money and was a great way to get all of my general education requirements out of the way."

According to The Boston Herald, Vice President Joe Biden said community colleges are vital to the American economy, and praised partnerships between two-year schools and manufacturers across the country that are creating jobs.

If you're thinking about filling out a college application for a community college, ask the admissions officers about the job prospects of your major before committing to any decisions.

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