Idaho wants to demystify the college application process

In order to increase the number of 25 to 34 year-olds with bachelor's degrees in Idaho, education officials are trying to make the college application process simpler and more straightforward, reports the Magic Valley Times-News.

By the year 2020, officials in the state want to almost double the percentage of the population with degrees from 31 to 60 percent. The proposals are part of larger nationwide initiatives being promoted by nonprofit organization Complete College America.

According to the official website of Complete College Idaho, there are several strategies in place to prepare younger students to fill out college applications and begin their higher education experience.

Firstly, career guidance will be offered in middle schools to get kids thinking about what they can do with a college degree. High school students will also be subject to more rigorous curricula to encourage them to take Advanced Placement classes. As well as these measures, more practical programs and certificates are to be developed by community colleges throughout the state.

When you're doing a college search or choosing a major, think about your employment prospects after graduation. Although it's important to pick a degree that interests you, consider the kinds of jobs you'll be able to apply for when you finish your degree.

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