How to Build Your Network at the CappexConnect Online College Fair

CappexConnectNetworking is one of the most effective ways to find jobs, internships, and careers after college. Why is this? And what is it, exactly? Simply stated, it’s all about “who you know.”

Networking involves building relationships with people who can help advance your goals. Examples of people who may already be in your “network” include friends, family, coworkers, and members and leaders of clubs or organizations you belong to. If you have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, you’re already familiar with the concept of “social networking,” but it’s important to know the importance of networking in-person and online to help meet your academic and professional goals. Networking skills are incredibly helpful throughout your college career and beyond, so start now by growing a network that will support you throughout the college search and admissions process. If you don’t know how to start or how to do it “right,” it’s never too late to begin.

For a perfect opportunity to become a pro at networking, look no further than the upcoming CappexConnect Online College Fair. This online fair is attended by admissions experts, financial aid specialists, and college and university faculty and staff. Here are a few ways to use the online college fair experience to expand your network and find the right college:

  • Determine your purpose for networking. Start by asking yourself this question. Is it to learn more about a specific college? Receive more information about financial aid? Learn how to choose a major? Engage with other students about how they’re making their decisions? Once you’ve identified a purpose(s), you’ll know which live presentations to watch and which individuals to engage with.
  • Don’t hold back. Networking in-person might be intimidating and nerve-racking for many students, but an online college fair alleviates some of those concerns. You can easily get all of your questions answered by college representatives, faculty, and staff without pressure.
  • Make your interests known. College representatives want to learn about you too. By demonstrating your interest in a particular career field or major, study abroad opportunities, and extracurricular activities, college representatives and faculty will be happy to share helpful campus resources with you in response.
  • Participate in the conversation.  In the campus quad, an open forum chat, you’ll have the freedom to talk about anything college-related with college representatives and other prospective students. You might even know the answer to a question another student asks. Build and participate in this support system!
  • Stay in touch. Keep in touch with other perspective students by connecting over Facebook or LinkedIn – you never know, they could be your future classmates or dormmates. Also note the name of each college representative you engage with and ask for contact information so you can connect again if you have more questions. Once you’ve determined the college you’ll attend, you may even want to send a thank you note to the college rep that helped you come to your decision.

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