How many schools should you apply to during a college search?

During the college application process, many students fall into one of two traps: either they apply to far too many schools, or they do not apply to enough.

Students in the first category often feel like they need to apply to as many schools as possible, just in case they don't get into some of them. Still, others send applications to too many colleges because they have not made up their minds about where they want to go.

Degree seekers who do not send applications to enough colleges may be confident that they will get into all the schools they applied to. Others may have one dream university in mind, and would prefer not to attend any other institutions.

Regardless of the reasons, it is important for you to avoid applying to too many or too few schools. So, the question remains: how many colleges should you send applications to?

This number changes slightly, depending on which academic professional you ask. However, most agree that you should send applications to between four and seven schools. This will ensure that when you find out which colleges you are accepted to, you will have plenty of options. Still, the number is limited enough to make sure you are serious about every institution you send an application to.  

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