How important is it to go to a prestigious school?

There are prestigious schools across the country that you have probably heard of, regardless of where you live, such as Princeton, Harvard and Yale. While the names of these schools, as well as many others, may cross your mind during the college search, how important is it to go to a well-known university?

One way experts decide which universities are best for students is through return on investment (ROI) – meaning how much you can earn after graduation versus how much you will spend on tuition. In this area, many top universities score very high. According to a 2011 report by PayScale, schools like Harvard, Stanford and MIT all have high ROI rates.

Additionally, there are some professionals who feel that the name of an Ivy League school on your resume can help you get a job down the line.

Still, many experts say that you should look at colleges based on what you want to study. Just because one school is known around the world does not mean that it offers a better degree program in one particular subject than your local state university.

Ultimately, to find the right college for you, don't let the prestige of one school blind you from seeing your other options. Maybe an Ivy League institution is the right fit, but don't be afraid to explore other schools.  

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