Getting involved can mean getting into college

While there are many factors that affect whether or not you will get into the school of your choice, extracurriculars can make a big difference in the college application process. This may be the perfect reason to join a sports team, get involved in a club or volunteer after school.

There are many reasons why college admissions officers like to see applicants who have participated in many extracurriculars in high school. For example, it shows that students are involved in the world around them. Ideally, admissions officers want to pick individuals who will come to their colleges and universities and participate in a variety of activities while striving to make the school better. Showing that you have already become involved in your high school is the perfect way to prove to faculty that you plan on being an involved college student.

Additionally, if you have been a captain of a sports team or a club, college admissions officers will see that you have leadership skills. This may be enough to separate you from the crowd and receive that coveted acceptance letter.  

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