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wamcIllustrationIconIn Friday College Town Hall, we post a question about college, and you leave an answer in comment field.

Today’s question:

The average distance students go away for college is about 94 miles. How far or close to home do you think is the right distance?

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We’ve also asked our @Cappex Twitter followers to chime in! Here’s what people are saying on Twitter:

@AshleySchmidtke You can never go to far. Go to the school that is the right fit and it will not matter the distance. Home away from home!

@AndreaDior Not far enough RT @cappex: Is 94 miles from home too close or too far? Reply to this tweet, and we’ll post your response on the blog!

@SarahFaithJ9 @cappex I think its just about right. It gives you freedom, but yet you’re still kind of close to home if you need anything:)

@_iShotdaSheriff @cappex thats pretty good mileage if you ask me! Not too close, but close enough to make it home for emergencies

@Andreais40nfab @cappex too close. For college? U need to be a minimum of 200 miles away

@steph_eff318 @cappex well college for me isn’t that far from home. It takes about an hour and a half by car and even less than that by train 😀

@jotamjota @cappex I don’t think distance matters. Its what YOU make of college and how involved, how active, and how engaged you become on campus.

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  1. Jessica Imler says:

    I think that there really isn’t a right or wrong distance… My university has multiple campuses. The one I will be on is about an hour’s drive from my house, however there is another campus within 20 minutes of my house. I feel like an hour drive is far enough to be independent, but not so far that if something happens, your family can’t be there.

  2. Jason Taurins says:

    I attend a university that is about 50 miles from home. This is the perfect distance for me; I can drive home on the weekends if I want without paying a ton for gas. If my family or friends want to come visit, they don’t have to stay overnight. So this is just right for me!

  3. Jennifer Kame says:

    Far enough away that it’s a hassle for them to come every weekend, but close enough that it can be reached within a day in case of emergency.

  4. Cricket Garancosky says:

    I think the too far/too close argument does really boil down to your relationship with your family (and friends from your home town). If you are really close knit and almost like best friends with your family, any distance more than 30 minutes drive might be too far…but if you are a rather independent person or your relationship is a bit rocky, you could go to another country and be fine. I personally went only 1-2 hours (traffic dictates that) away from my parents because it was the school I could afford…and it just happened to be fairly close.

  5. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Depends on the student…for me, at 52…I gotta be in the town where I work.

  6. Matthew Wright says:

    I am in one hundred percent agreement with Jennifer Kame. College is about learning to be autonomous, academically, socially, and emotionally. I myself am very close to my family, but I chose a school six hours away. Although distance was only a secondary concern, there needs to be a healthy balance, and that balance is completely unique to each person.

  7. Emily says:

    Well considering I’m going to a college almost 600 miles away from my home, 94 miles is a bit too close for me. However for most people, 94 miles is just the perfect distance to be independent but still close to your family. I probably would prefer that my college of choice be a little closer to home, but that’s just how things worked out.

  8. Kelly says:

    I’m about 15 hrs away from home, From Florida to Tennesse is quiet a drive. Personally I love being so far away, I get to be by myself. Its tough sometimes, but I loved meeting new people [not from my town]!!

  9. Naomi says:

    I think where you live really makes a difference in how far away is too far. I live in Alaska, finding a college that has what I need that isn’t more than 2000 miles driving distance is impossible. (From my home town to Seattle Washington is 2,504 miles driving distance). So for me the right distance is anything less than 100,000 miles away, because anywhere I go there will be a time difference. I am o.k. with this because I know that my family is only a phone call away. For most of America I think having family close enough that they can visit on a long weekend but far enough away to become your own person would be important.

  10. Emily Krasch says:

    I beleive that 0-20 miles is a good distance. i live about 10 miles from school and it usually takes me 20 to 30 mins to get there. The closer the better. People who live close to school can sometimes ride bikes or walk to school and save on parking and gas!

  11. Alexis says:

    While trying to decide on a college I didn’t really worry about the distance
    I applyed to schoosl on the other side of the country and some just a couple miles away. Personaly I think there are pro’s and con’s for either situation so my advice would be to choose a school that fits you perfectly and if that happens to be a school 600 miles away or just 6 then you have your answer.

  12. Lauren says:

    As the crow flies, I’m about 150 miles from my school, but with the roads I take, I’m about 200 miles away from home. I like it because it is far enough that I get to experience a slightly different part of the country, while at the same time, I can go home if I need to. Sometimes I wish I was a little bit closer, so that it would be easier to convince my friends from home to come visit though.

  13. Evan says:

    I think there isn’t really a set distance, you just go as far as needed to attend the school that’s right for you.

  14. Rachel says:

    I think that when you are this age it is the perfect time for you to go out on your own and experience the world. So you should go as far a way or as close as what you’ve always wanted and not let the distance stop you.

  15. arielle says:

    well for me college is in Idaho…so its pretty far from where i live in new hampshire, but i think the right distance varies for each person…the right distance is the college that’s right for you

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