Friday College Town Hall

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Today’s question:

An increasing number of U.S. students are taking a semester to study abroad.

How important, or unimportant, is leaving campus to live among a different culture for a student’s education?

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  1. Yoana says:

    I believe it is extremely important to study abroad, if possible. Being in a different culture helps a student to broaden his or her horizons, and find that people are different in different places. Traveling abroad also helps if you’re learning another language, such as french. If you’re in a country speaking the language you’re learning, you get to practice it almost everyday and eventually become fluent.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I think that it is important for a student to leave campus and live among a different culture because it helps their education and broaden there knowledge on different cultures. Student’s get a better understanding of how different cultures are like and how people interact with each other on a daily basis and that can help you with your career choice. The student’s can also use their knowledge to further themselves in their career as it looks good on a resume. It’s also very important for those student’s that want to take something in foreign language and when they study abroad it further integrates them into the language and gives them a better understanding. Studying Abroad gives you life skills and knowledge that you will need that you can’t get here in the U.S.

  3. Kuei-Ti Lu says:

    I think studying abroad can help students learn about different cultures and be more open-minded toward different things. However, an attitude of accepting people or anything else different from oneself is more important. Without this, studying abroad is not only useless but also likely to be harmful for the society.

  4. Kelsi says:

    For most people, studying abroad is a great idea but there are some majors where staying in America is better. For instance, I am studying American Sign Language and that cannot be learned in any other language.

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