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Today’s question comes from the Los Angeles Times:

Graduation season is now is session. But with one graduating class 2012, comes two different reports on  job prospects. On the heels of a big graduation weekend for many college graduates, the Associated Press released a report Sunday announcing the triumphant return of employment for outgoing seniors.

However, only a couple weeks before had that same AP published an article about about the bleakness of the graduating class’s job prospects.

So what’s the deal? What has your experience been like trying to get a job? Or, what do you think is actually happening out there?


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  1. Susie Watts says:

    As a private college counselor, I believe the job situation for college graduates has improved slightly, but can still be disappointing for those who have waited to graduate before pursuing employment. The eager students who have been working on getting a job for most of their senior year are probably having more success than those who are waiting to graduate. I also think that college graduates have to be willing to do jobs that they might believe are below them just for experience and whatever skills they might gain.
    Students who have actively participated in internships will also have more job opportunities than those who have not.

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