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Today’s question::

While students and admissions folks go crazy for new applicants, a startling 1 in 3 students who enroll in either a four-year or two-year college will probably transfer at some point*!

Why do you think that so many college students transfer? What’s behind all the movement?


*A statistic in a report issued by the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

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  1. J. Woods says:

    The reason for so much transferring is due to the fact that many students either do not know what the college holds for them, or they choose the wrong interest in a major because they think it is “cool”. Transferring between schools has also been due to the fact that some college systems, such as the CSU system, have put freezes on enrollments due to the bad economy. Students have a better chance of attending a four-year college if they attend a two-year community college and then transfer.
    Personally, I have considered the transfer program, but due to the economy, who’s to say that it will get so bad that enrollment will have periods of four-year enrollment freezes except for transfers. I would want to have the advantage of going straight into a college system straight out of high school.
    Transferring is also a means of recovering one’s grades. Perhaps someone has messed up in high school and needs the better grades to get into a good college; the student would then consider the transfer program at a two-year so that he or she would be able to get accepted.
    Inter-transference between four-years however is due in large part to students not knowing their major well enough. Some students will think of an ideal school, and then pursue it once accepted. The major key to the school however, is actually going to it beforehand and making sure the atmosphere, study load, work environment, and living environment all appeal in the realistically good ways. Students are compulsory, and this is what makes them find out that their initial college pick is the one that may not have been the best, leading them to transfer.

  2. I am transferring because I went to a great two year community college, saved alot of money, got a great education and now I will be going to the university of my dreams for the last two years. It was a great choice for me because I learned alot, had small class sizes and will hopefully graduate college debt free!

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