Finding Your Perfect College Match: Location

Finding You Perfect College Match: Location


When searching for your ideal college, it is important to take location into account. There are many excellent universities in the United States, and regardless of the location preferences you have, you’re sure to find the school that is a perfect match.

Proximity to Home

Closeness to home is more important to some students than others. In your search for the perfect school, you need to figure out whether or not being close to home is something that you are looking for. You may have the luxury of living close to a great state school or private university where you potentially want to study, and in this case, it may not be a decision that you need to make. The first stop to finding your perfect school is figuring out if you want to have any geographical restrictions.

City or Town?

Some students are very adamant about going to school in a major big city, whereas others are adamant about going to school in a smaller, spirited college town. These two options give students a completely different college experience, and in looking for your perfect match, is something that you need to consider very seriously.

Recreation & Weather

The U.S. is very geographically diverse, and I’m sure off the top of your head you can think of a few sunny parts of the country you wouldn’t mind spending the next four years, but dig a little deeper. Are you a big fan of the outdoors? Do you love the mountains? Is your dream school somewhere you can spend free time hiking historic trails, exploring a marine coastline, or hitting the ski slopes?

Some areas of the United States are known for having more extreme weather patterns, and in your search for the perfect school, you need to decide whether these conditions are something you are comfortable living in. Schools in the northern half of the country are subject to harsh winters – with cold temperatures, chilly wind, and snow, sometimes for up to six months of the year – whereas others are in areas known for humidity, possibility of tornadoes or hurricanes, or extremely dry conditions. When looking for your perfect college match, think about the weather in the country and decide if there any regions that are off limits. You should not apply to any schools in these regions, even as a back up.

Proximity to Other Schools

Perhaps the least important of your deciding factors, the closeness of potential schools to other universities is something that some students look for in their perfect college match. One way to make great memories is to visit friends or siblings at other universities on the weekends, for intense rivalry sports games, notoriously fun planned weekends, or just because you feel like doing something different. Some universities are in highly dense college areas with many other schools within a few hours driving distance, whereas other schools are in more remote areas and require flying in order to travel anywhere. When searching for your perfect school, look into other universities in the area, and decide whether or not that has any influence on your college decision.

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