Exit exams waning in popularity as college readiness tests increase at many schools

Although you may not have had to pass an exit exam to graduate high school, you may have taken a workplace readiness test in order to receive your diploma. According to the Huffington Post, this is becoming increasingly common in many schools.

New data from the Center on Education Policy indicates that 31 states across the country either have or are planning to introduce exit exams as part of the graduation criteria. Although not all states require students to pass these tests, 27 states are planning to introduce new exams to measure students' college and workplace readiness. At present, only colleges and universities in Georgia use exit exam scores when assessing college admissions factors.

The report also indicates that 11 states require seniors to take the SAT or ACT exams as part of their graduation policies, even though students are not required to achieve a passing grade in order to receive their diplomas. In addition, 16 states either require or offer a college-readiness exam to seniors.

"It's not clear whether [schools] will attach graduation-related requirements to these new assessments," said Shelby McIntosh, CEP research associate and author of the report, as quoted by the news source. If these tests become standard, students may be required to demonstrate that they are ready for college before they can earn their high school diploma.

Did you have to take an exit exam to earn your high school diploma? What do you think of the new measures to see if students are ready for college?


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