Easy Ways to Prepare for College this Summer!

School’s out for the summer! If you just finished up your junior year, you’ve only got one more to go before you head to college. Right now, there are two paths you can take:

Stressful Senior Year = “I didn’t plan ahead and now I have too much college stuff to worry about!”


Fun Senior Year = “I planned ahead and my college application process was so simple!”

You have the power to make either of these happen. I recommend Fun Senior Year, but that’s just me.

Planning ahead and getting started on your college application process before school starts again in the fall is easier than you think. A little time this summer can go a long way. Spending time preparing yourself for the actual applications will make your life less painful come senior year.

  • Information is POWER.

    Checking out different schools’ applications will give you a good idea of what to expect when you start filling out your own. You’ll find there are a lot of similar questions and essay topics across the board. You may even realize that you have answers to some of these essay questions already! If not, take a few minutes each week to brainstorm what you could write about. Hint: the best essays do not happen overnight; they develop over time.

  • Multi-Task.

    Think about how much time you spend online or scrolling through Facebook. Now, think about exchanging 15 of those aimless browsing minutes for a virtual tour of a college campus. You’ll notice features that you like and dislike, perks to certain schools, and more that will help you narrow down your college search.

  • Remember your teachers.

    Who did you love? Who did you get along with well? Who believes in you? Making a list of any teacher you’d like to write a letter of recommendation for you will motivate you to ask them earlier, rather than last minute when they have stacks of student requests waiting.

  • Meet up with college friends.

    Think of anyone you know who will be coming back home for the summer from their first year of college. They are seriously awesome sources of information about college life. They’ll be able to relate to you better than a book or website, and they’ll probably be more candid about the perks and downfalls of campuses and schools.

Bottom line? No amount of preparation is too much. Even the tiniest amount will be beneficial.

The other bottom line? Making a profile on Cappex today is a great way to prepare yourself for the college application process and find the perfect school for you!

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  1. Susie Watts says:

    As a private college counselor, I think you have offered some good suggestions for rising high school students. While most college applications are not online until August, getting teacher recommendations, starting college essays, and researching colleges takes time. The more that is done during the summer, the less stress you will have in the fall.

    College Direction
    Denver, Colorado

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