Duke alumnus donates substantial gift to alma mater

An alumnus of Duke University in North Carolina has donated a sizable gift to the university to enable students from economically challenged backgrounds to attend the prestigious school, reports The Boston Globe.

Bruce Karsh and his wife Martha donated $50 million to the university. As well as helping American students attend Duke, approximately $20 million will be set aside for financial aid packages intended for international applicants. The Karsh's gift is the single largest donation that Duke has ever received from individual donors.

"These are people who want to support higher education but there's one thing they really want to support, which is having higher education be accessible to talented students regardless of their parents' income," Richard Brodhead, president of the university, told the news source.

College admissions officials at Duke claim that a student's economic situation or financial background are not primary considerations when they are assessing college applications.

The issue of college accessibility has become increasingly important to President Barack Obama as well. According to Inside Higher Ed, the president recently invited the leaders of several universities, including the University of North Carolina and California State University, to discuss how to make college more affordable and accessible to students.


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