Department of Education renews focus on college completion

President Barack Obama has made reform of the higher education system a priority for his administration. However, in addition to making college more accessible for students, the focus is now shifting to making sure students who fill out college applications actually finish their studies, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

In a recent meeting of education leaders and experts, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said that although giving more young people the chance to earn their degree was important, making sure college students finish their education was just as urgent.

"To this point, we have been working on access," said Duncan, as quoted by the news source. "We have not done enough to incent completion."

Several experts gave presentations on things that colleges can do to encourage students to finish their degrees, including preparing high school seniors more thoroughly for college-level work and developing better mentoring programs for freshmen.

Academic leaders who were present at the meeting included Jennifer Tucker Klein, assistant vice chancellor of institutional research and planning at Brandman University in California. Klein said that student support services at the college helped more students to finish their degrees within four years.

If you're worried about the workload at your university, talk to your college admissions adviser. They may be able to offer you advice about how to manage your studies. 

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