D.C. high school students may have to fill out college applications in order to graduate

Under legislation proposed by Washington, D.C., Council Chairman Kwame Brown, all students in public and charter schools in the area would have to take the SAT or ACT college preparedness exams in order to earn their high school diplomas, reports The Huffington Post. Additionally, all students would have to fill out at least one college application, even if they do not plan on continuing their education after high school.

Brown says that many of the jobs that are available in the city require a college degree. He hopes that by making the tests a mandatory part of schools' graduation process, students leaving high school will be more prepared for the realities of the employment market. The measures would also provide students who want to pursue a college education with the opportunity to do so.

"It's clear, when you look at jobs available in the district, many require a minimum of a college degree," said Brown, as quoted by The Washington Post. "The idea is to increase graduation rates and get more young folks who want to go college, college-ready."

Brown also said that the proposals would improve the graduation rate of many D.C.-area high schools, which currently stands at 43 percent. The news source reports that the plans would affect 700,000 students in the city.

What do you think of the plans? Should seniors be required to fill out college applications in order to graduate?


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