Could three-year degrees work for Oregon?

Academic experts and analysts are constantly looking for ways to improve the higher education system. According to a recent article in OregonLive, retired community college lecturer John Attig asked whether three-year bachelor's degree programs could be one way to make college more accessible and affordable.

Attig wrote that offering three-year degrees would be the equivalent of awarding every student a 25 percent scholarship due to the shorter length of the program. Such a plan could also help more students graduate earlier. He said that three-year degrees would enable more students to receive financial aid, and allow increased numbers of individuals to earn a college degree.

"There are several colleges and universities that offer three-year degrees to honors students," Attig wrote. "Oregon should study how they do it, imitate their best practices and use them as a guide when establishing a three-year degree for all bachelor's degrees. This wheel already has been invented."

According to USA Today, due to budgetary restrictions, competition for financial aid and scholarships in Oregon is fierce.

If you're filling out college applications, don't be put off by the high number of students applying. With some careful planning and forward thinking, you can find the college for you.

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