Conveying a sense of direction in your college application

Deciding to pursue a college degree and filling out a college application can be a huge decision, and an overwhelming process. Although nobody expects you to have your entire professional life planned out at the age of 17, college admissions officials do expect that you have an idea of where you want your career to go. Conveying a sense of direction and purpose in your college application not only makes it easier to identify your own personal goals, but it also looks good when your college application is being reviewed.

According to the Palo Alto Daily News, students have to choose between a specific major or a certain school. For instance, if you apply to New York University's (NYU) Stern School of Business and are denied acceptance to a business degree program, you will not be considered for an alternative degree at NYU. Deciding between a school and a major is one of the most important parts of the college application process.

Although certain universities may offer benefits to you in terms of prestige and networking opportunities, you should think carefully about whether a specific degree will advance your career the way you want it to when filling out a college application. You should also make sure to choose several safety schools when applying to prestigious colleges, in the event that your college application is not accepted.

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